136 MARGARETA TERNSTRÖM, lithography, numbered 25/50, signed / MARGARETA TERNSTRÖM, litografi, numerad 25/50, signerad

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  • Storlek:Image area 25x40 cm / Bildyta 25x40 cm.




Värdering300 - 600 SEK
Köparprovision (inkl. moms)20%
Slagavgift (inkl. moms)100 SEK

Mrs Margareta TERNSTRÖM (1933-2020)

I kategori Art
Margareta Ternström was a Swedish artist who was born in Stockholm in 1933. She had a broad education starting with a degree in language and art history from Stockholm University. She also studied at George Washington University and American University in Washington DC, Morley College of Art in London, Hong Kong University, Camden Art Centre in London and School of Visual Arts in New York. She held solo exhibitions. Margareta Ternström passed away at the age of 87.

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