37 ARNE ANDERSSON, oil on canvas, "Fox", signed / ARNE ANDERSSON, olja på duk, "Räv", signerad

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  • Storlek:Size / Storlek 50x61cm




Värdering750 - 1 000 SEK
Köparprovision (inkl. moms)20%
Slagavgift (inkl. moms)30 SEK

Mr Arne Andersson (1915-1982)

I kategori Art
Arne Andersson was a Swedish artist born in Gislaved, Båraryds församling in Jönköpings län and died in Göteborgs domkyrkoförsamling. He was known for his paintings of animals and landscapes. Arne Andersson studied drawing, watercolor, oil painting and graphics. He worked in advertising from 1956-1965 before living as an artist in France and Spain for several years. His international success in Spain between 1965-1974 led to five solo exhibitions. Arne Andersson’s signature was ARA

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